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Gala Drop cd (Japanese edition, 2011)

Image of Gala Drop cd (Japanese edition, 2011)


1 Ital
2 Ubongo
3 Dabum
4 Frog Scene
5 Holy Heads
6 Parson
7 Crystals

8 Drop
9 Izod


Tracks 1-7
Afonso Simões, Nelson Gomes,
Tiago Miranda
Recorded by Guilherme Gonçalves at V5 space and Black Box, Lisbon, August 2007
Mixed and mastered by Rafael Toral at Noise Precision, Lisbon
First released on Gala Drop Records (2008)

Bonus tracks
Afonso Simões, Guilherme Gonçalves, Nelson Gomes,
Tiago Miranda
Recorded by Pedro Alçada
Mixed by Pedro Alçada and Gala Drop, Lisbon, March 2010
First released on the EP Overcoat Heat,
by Golf Channel Recordings (2010)

Booklet photo by Marta Pina
Cd photo by Tiago Miranda
Layout by Ana Baliza

LANT 010 (p) 2011 
Lantern / Nature Bliss Inc.

Gala Drop by Gala Drop